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A bit of silliness, plus fantasy

First, I want to express my love for baseball articles with headlines like this one from

Winning is top priority of Mariners manager Riggleman

While all the other managers of major league baseball teams are more interested in doing crosswords, taking drugs or hunting poontang, Riggleman is all about winning, man!


The week of the All-Star game is a ridiculous one in Fantasy Baseball. Monday through Wednesday there are no games, and Thursday there are usually only a few. Which means that, essentially, the "week" is based on three days' worth of games (my boss has suggested that combining the All-Star "week" with the following week would be wise; I like the idea).

I had only one hitter on Thursday, while my opponent had 7. Then I had pretty solid days Fri and Sat., but it didn't matter because my opponent had a MONSTER Friday - the kind of day that can make the week even in a full week: .500 BA, 1.439 OPS, 3 HR, 10 RBI... plus he got good pitching, while meanwhile Johan Santana, making his first start on my roster, pitched by far his worst game of the season. So by the beginning of Sunday I was losing 10-0-2.

Several of the categories were fairly close, so I knew if I could have even a good day, and my opponent slumped off from his Fri-Sat production, I could catch a few of them. Fortunately for me, that's exactly what happened; while my opponent went 6-for-35 with 0 HR, I got 4 HR and overtook his HR, OPS and Runs. I also got 18 excellent innings (including the return of Troy Percival, though not in a SV situation).

In the end the score was 4-5-3, so I gained 4 1/2 games in one day. Whew! It would have been 5 games, but Brandon "I have always sucked and will always suck" Lyon blew a 3-run lead in the 9th and cost Brandon Webb a win, and me the category. Amazingly, despite having Nathan and Street and Corpas (AND Percival for a day), and my opponent not having a single closer (he traded them all away), I still ended up tied 0-0 in Saves. Only one SV situation arose for my pitchers and Street blew it. I also got zero steals, losing the category by 1. Ellsbury has been utterly useless, to the point where I'm seriously considering benching him; I need speed, but he isn't providing any. I'm going to see how he reacts to David Ortiz returning to the Red Sox lineup later this week.

So at the start of this week, my lead is... 7 1/2 games, exactly what it was last week. But it was a close thing.
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