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And the award goes to...

Not me, so who cares?

My team folded pathetically during the semifinals (seriously, 3 HR total in a week?). I ended up with dominating numbers in the consolation finals - I would have beat either of the guys who were in the Finals. I ended up with third place. Just like last year. Freakin' lame.

So now that it's all over, I thought I'd throw out a few Bests and Worsts of my Fantasy year.

Best Draft Pick: Geovany Soto (C, Chicago Cubs) - Utley (1st pick), Teixeira (2nd) and Nathan (5th) were all strong picks (especially since I traded Utley before he fell apart), and I had some other solid picks too. But Soto eclipsed every expectation, tying for the ML lead among C in HR, ranking 3rd in OPS, 2nd in doubles, 3rd in BB and 2nd in XBH... as a rookie. For a 13th-round pick of the thinnest position in baseball, he was my best draft pick.

Worst Draft Pick: Carlos Guillen (1B/3B/SS, Detroit Tigers) - Adrian Beltre (10th pick), Rafael Soriano (11th) and Chris Duncan (16th) were all horrible. But wasting my 4th round pick on a SS who hit .286/.376/.436 with 10 HR and 9 SB in only 420 AB (he was injured a lot) was painful. It's not often you drop a 4th-round pick even when he's playing, but that's what I did.

Best Free Agent Pickup: Ryan Dempster (SP, Chicago Cubs) - I had a number of solid pickups that really helped (Shaun Marcum, Nate McLouth, Edinson Volquez, Melvin Mora), but Dempster was the only one who continued his awesomeness all year. From the time I picked him up on April 24, Dempster made 29 starts and posted a 14-6 record with a 2.96 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, and a spectacular 8.43 K/9 and 2.63 K/BB. Who knew?

Worst Free Agent Pickup: Jeff Clement (C, Seattle Mariners) - I'm ignoring the guys I picked up for a day or two. I picked up Clement when Soto was going through a tough streak, and Clement was supposed to be an elite prospect. I dropped him on my bench and waited for him to show what all the scouts insisted was there. It never happened, and I ended up dropping him. He rode my bench for a couple weeks and I think I only ever played him when Soto was out. Pointless.

Best Trade: Sent Utley/Marcum/Lilly and got Webb/Haren/Street - I'm tempted to say I did even better in the Hawpe-for-Uggla swap I did before the season started... Uggla was a monster right up until I traded him. But Hawpe ended up having a pretty solid year, so this 3-for-3 deal gets the nod. Right after the trade, Utley started a horrible slump, and Marcum went on the DL and never recovered (he needs Tommy John surgery and will miss 2009); Lilly's the only one who was at all decent. Whereas the addition of Webb and Haren led me to lead the entire league in team ERA and WHIP, plus gave me huge W and K boosts. One late two-week stretch I went 13-0 with an ERA under 2.00 and a WHIP under 1.15 as a team.

Worst Trade: Sent M. Ramirez/H. Bailey and got Dunn/A. Gordon - I didn't really get hosed on any trades, but this one, done before the season started, could have been better. I felt obliged to keep Gordon and kept him on my roster way too long. And although Dunn did hit 40 HR to Manny's 37, Manny had the upper hand in all the other Fantasy catebories (BA, OPS, Runs, RBI). He even stole 3 bases to Dunn's 2. Dunn wasn't bad at all, but Manny was far better.
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