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A couple quick notes on my fantasy team...

12 weeks into the regular season (with 10 to go), I'm holding onto a 7-game lead in first place. Of course, it was a 16-game lead 2 weeks ago. My team has been declining badly.

I did a couple of trades:

Trade 1
GAVE: Chase Utley, Shaun Marcum and Ted Lilly
GOT: Brandon Webb, Dan Haren and Huston Street

On paper it looked like I robbed him blind; webb and haren are elite SP, and Street had been awesome closing for the A's. Unfortunately, Webb has been wretched his last few starts; not that I expected him to maintain the pace he was on, but he's really been awful. And Street just blew 2 straight saves, and badly. Haren is the saving grace, especially after throwing 7 innings of 2-hit shutout ball vs. the Red Sox. (On the other side, Utley hit an 0-for-20 slump, Marcum's on the DL and Lilly has been just as unpredictable/ineffective)

Trade 2
GAVE: Scott Kazmir, Ryan Franklin, Joel Zumaya (the day before he was activated)
GOT: Troy Tulowitzki (the day before he was activated), Aaron Harang

Still too early to tell on this one. Tulowitzki's been a bit shaky, but he's only had 4 games since coming off the DL. Harang hasn't pitched for me yet, but I'm hoping for a correction in his numbers (he's off his career norm in BABIP and has gotten pathetic run support). Kazmir's first start for the other guy was pretty average; good K's, but too many runs in too few innings.


Meanwhile, Daisuke Matsuzaka came off the DL and got lit up, getting only 3 outs. I generally give a bye to SP making their first starts off the DL, so we'll see how he does next start. Carlos Zambrano is ON the DL with a "mild shoulder strain"... hopefully he's back soon. My pitching looks a HELL of a lot thinner than it did even 10 days ago. If it wasn't for Haren, Ryan Dempster and Edinson Volquez, I'd be dead.

My hitting is so up-and-down I don't know what to think; Teixeira goes weeks without much to show for it, but on Sunday he hit 3 HR in the same game. Dunn and Ellsbury have slumped off horribly, but Votto and Beltre have been hot. Basically I have to stick to my regular guys and just hope that, overall, they'll be good even if they suck for a few days in a row.
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