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Like last year all over again...

Last year, my fantasy baseball team came in third in the regular season. I won the first round of the playoffs easily, but in the second round I tied with my opponent 6-6. It was decided by a completely random pointpreak: who had the best ERA. It could have been any of the categories, but it was one of the exactly 50% my opponent won.

The regular season in fantasy BB ended today. I actually ended up with the most overall category wins (148) in the league. I was trying to catch the 1st-place guy, who I started the week 1 1/2 games behind. I ended up 8-4 this week, and he was 7-5:

My final #s: 148-102-14
His final #s: 146-99-19

I won 2 more categories, but lost 3 more. Final result: I missed out on 1st place by 1/2 game. If I'd tied any 1 category I lost, or won any 1 category I tied, ANY TIME DURING THE SEASON, I would have had a "virtual" tie with him; but my winning more overall games would have given me the tiebreaker. And there were times this season when I tied K's, Runs or RBI, or lost by 1. One more in those categories during the right week is all it would've taken... Or if Melvin Mora hadn't tweaked his hamstring and had gotten his usual 25 AB instead of 10 this week, I might have caught RBI's this week (lost by 5).


Oh well. I did take 2nd, and the top 2 get byes the first week of the playoffs. So I get a week off, and then only have to win one week to reach the finals.
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